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You Can Now Exchange Between Cryptocurrencies!

Easy Crypto is stoked to announce that you can now effortlessly exchange between cryptocurrencies with our new crypto-to-crypto exchange feature!! đź’Ą And even better news, we don’t charge any fees on this! 🥰 With our new crypto-to-crypto exchange feature, you can now directly exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin into other cryptos like Ethereum – sent directly to your wallet of choice.  Instead.

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May 2020 Cryptocurrency Market Overview

Kicking off May saw an explosive 30% increase in Bitcoin’s price in the 7 days lead up to the Bitcoin Halving, which took place on the 11th of May 2020. 🏆 Bitcoin’s fruitful price gains would come to a close with a sharp -13% price correction on the day of the halving – sobering up the markets while offering an.

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April 2020 Cryptocurrency Overview

We hope you’ve had a great month, and that you’ve made the best of New Zealand’s final week of Level 4 lockdown! 🤠 As expected, April 2020 delivered on its promise of being an exceptionally unpredictable month for the world of cryptocurrency and beyond. A brief recap of this month’s events: Since the start of April, Bitcoin’s up a whopping.

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Can you Trust Easy Crypto NZ? – New Zealand Cryptocurrency Review

Easy Crypto NZ takes pride in being the best place to buy bitcoin in New Zealand for the best price, without any hidden catches. Your trust is also hugely important to us. We, therefore, take several steps to be as transparent as possible when it comes to buying or selling cryptocurrency. We’ve been providing a secure service for Kiwis to.

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CryptoLocker Ransomware New Zealand NZ How to stay safe Bitcoin

Crypto-Locker Ransomware Attacks in NZ are Increasing – How to Stay Safe

What is a Crypto Locker Ransomware Attack? First hitting headlines in 2013, a ransomware attack is when your computer is infected with malicious malware that uses encryption to lock you out of your computer. Once infected by Ransomware like Crypto Locker or Wannacry, these viruses encrypt all of your computer’s files with a special key, which from that moment on.

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Coronavirus recession cryptocurrency new zealand nz bitcoin

Recession into Depression – An Inevitable Reality? 

Although being one of the most volatile asset classes in the world over the past month, cryptocurrency as an asset class has not been alone in seeing erratic jumps and dumps in price.  Wall Street has seen its worst nosedive since 1987, oil prices are tanking, gold is on the rise, and billions of dollars are being evaporated from the.

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