Sell BTC NZ – How to Redeem Bitcoin for Real NZ Dollars


If you are typing the phrase ‘sell BTC NZ’ into Google, you’re likely looking for a fast and reliable way to sell Bitcoin you own. As New Zealand’s easiest to use Bitcoin Exchange, we provide an instant way of doing just this. When you sell coins on Easy Crypto, we also guarantee to deposit funds directly into any NZ bank account within 24-hours.


Sell BTC NZ – How and Where to Sell Bitcoin Safely

At Easy Crypto, we are a local to New Zealand, fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange. This makes us the most convenient, and reputable place to quickly sell Bitcoin for New Zealand dollars.

There are, of course, other ways to sell Bitcoin. However, it is important to note that scams and security dangers abound online.

  • Several prepaid MasterCard and Visa cards which can be topped up with Bitcoin charge high fees aren’t always brought to market by legitimate card issuers.
  • Peer to peer to exchanges which promise to help Kiwis sell Bitcoin can never guarantee that payments are secure. (Often someone might buy coins but later reverse fiat cash payments with their bank.)
  • Selling coins on exchanges not based in New Zealand can see both BTC and fiat cash funds frozen and confiscated.

In short, if an exchange where you sell coins is not located in or regulated in New Zealand, selling coins is always high risk. Thankfully, at Easy Crypto, Bitcoin can be redeemed for New Zealand Dollars completely risk-free.


Sell BTC NZ – How to Sell Bitcoin on Easy Crypto

Redeeming Bitcoin for New Zealand Dollars on Easy Crypto is easy. If you haven’t already, the first thing you need to do is open a new Easy Crypto exchange account.

  • Sign up to Easy Crypto via email, or by signing up with Google or Facebook.
  • Verify an account by uploading a copy of your New Zealand issue driving license.

In most cases, new accounts can be verified in 1 to 5-minutes. When this is the case, new users can buy or sell Bitcoin instantly. To do this, simply navigate to the Easy Crypto home screen and select ‘Sell.’

selling bitcoin to nzd in new zealand through easy crypto

After creating a sell order, Easy Crypto gives users 2-hours to deposit coins on our exchange. We are also the only exchange which does not place daily limits on how much Bitcoin users can sell. That said, if you did not originally purchase Bitcoin you own from us, selling limits are capped at $30,000 NZD.

In every case, selling limits can be raised by reaching out to our support team. All that we will ask is to see evidence showing where and when BTC you are selling was first purchased.


How Long do Sell Orders Take and How Will I Get Paid?

With all sell orders, Easy Crypto deposit New Zealand Dollar amounts directly into exchange user bank accounts within 24-hours. However, deposits may take slightly longer over the weekend and during bank holidays.


Sell BTC NZ – When Should I Sell My Bitcoin?

Why and when you decide to sell Bitcoin you own is entirely up to you. If the current Bitcoin price is high and you were lucky to buy Bitcoin when it was much lower, you may choose to sell to cash out while you are still in profit. Alternatively, you may be in a financial tight spot and need to sell your BTC to help with everyday expenses.

The only time when it is not a good time to sell Bitcoin is if you have just bought into the market. Many people buy Bitcoin, but then get spooked by suddenly falling prices. As is it is, this is often the easiest way to make a loss when buying or trading cryptocurrency.

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