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How to Sell Bitcoin in NZ

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually incredibility easy to sell Bitcoin in New Zealand.

On your own command, it is possible to use an NZ Bitcoin exchange like Easy Crypto NZ and convert BTC to NZD within 24 hrs.

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 We are also the only crypto retailer in New Zealand with a fully automated verification system, meaning you can sign up and be verified to trade within 2 minutes after signing up. You can easily buy and sell 80+ cryptos through us, ranging from Bitcoin to XRP to Ethereum, and everything in between.

Is it a good time to sell your Bitcoin in NZ?

This is a tough call, and unfortunately, there is no crystal ball that can provide a definite answer on if you should sell your Bitcoin now or tomorrow.

What you can do to provide yourself with some certainty, however, is to form and solidify your Bitcoin investing strategy, meaning that regardless of when you sell, you know it was calculated and planned.

If you are wanting to sell Bitcoin in NZ today, is this because you need some NZD for something else, you want to lock in your gains or are you worried the BTC price is going to plummet?

If you do sell Bitcoin, do you plan to keep it in NZD until you are ready to convert it back into Bitcoin? At what price will you do this? From there how long do you wish to keep it in BTC for? These are all ideas that you may want to consider before you sell Bitcoin in NZ.

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How to Sell Bitcoin in New Zealand through Easy Crypto NZ

To sell Bitcoin in NZ, your first step is to head to the website and create a free account.

Creating an account to Sell Bitcoin in New Zealand through Easy Crypto will only take about 20 seconds, and as the name implies, you will find our signup and verification process very easy.

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Head to > click Sign in > Create Account > Insert details > Save.

Now that you’ve created and verified your Easy Crypto NZ account, it is time to select how Bitcoin you want to sell and see how much NZD you will receive. Our trading widget will instantly provide you with the current price in NZD for the Bitcoin you wish to sell.

Whenever you want to Sell Bitcoin in NZ through Easy Crypto, there will never be a time where we can’t buy your Bitcoin.

Now that you’ve created an account, click ‘Or Sell‘ > input the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell in either BTC or NZD > ‘SELL NOW

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Now you will arrive at the confirm order page, where you can confirm your sell order amount, see all the fees and confirm your bank account.

If your bank account is not correct or you would like to make a change, you can easily do this by going to My Account > Details > Bank Account > Add New Account.

Once you have confirmed that everything checks out, click ‘Get Deposit Address‘ to move to the next step.

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Now you are at the final step, which also happens to be the most important.

It is important that you follow these instructions very carefully, as sending the wrong amount will result in our system not automatically matching up your order.

This will not result in you losing your money though, but it will halt the transaction until one of us here at Easy Crypto manually match up your order.

Once you’re sure you know the correct amount to send to us, tick the checkbox at the bottom to confirm you are sending the right amount and the deposit address will appear.

(The address for you to send your Bitcoin to)

Easy Crypto final order process step for selling BTC NZ screenshot

Now that you’ve ticked the checkbox, your deposit address and a deposit address QR code will appear. You can now send your Bitcoin to the provided address and we will verify that it is a complete order and send the funds to your NZ bank account.

Confirmed Bitcoin sell order Easy Crypto NZ Screenshot guide

Your Bitcoin will be converted into NZD instantly, however, it may require up to 24 hrs for the NZD to reach your account. Unfortunately, the banks aren’t as fast as crypto is, but this shouldn’t take too long.

To start buying and selling Bitcoin at the best broker prices in NZ, with unparallel speeds and ease, click here to start selling Bitcoin in NZ with Easy Crypto.

And if you’re from across the ditch, click here to sell Bitcoin in Australia instantly and safely.

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What To Do Now That You Have Learnt How to Sell Bitcoin in New Zealand?

So you now have NZD sitting in your bank account, and you have successfully sold and converted your Bitcoin to NZD. Your next step is to decide if you want to jump back into crypto and buy Bitcoin in NZ again, or instead use that money for something else instead.

You likely sold your Bitcoin as you were wanting to spend it elsewhere, or secure your gains. If you were securing your gains, your next step may be to wait for a price drop in Bitcoin before reinvesting, or spend your NZD on another cryptocurrency that you think will increase in price in the short or long term.

To learn more about the other 2 largest cryptocurrencies in the crypto market; Ethereum and XRP, see our guide on What Cryptocurrencies Should You Buy.

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