Opening your Easy Crypto Wallet


How to open your Easy Crypto Wallet

To open your Easy Crypto Wallet file, follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Visit the Easy Crypto Open Wallet website –

Step 2: Select your Wallet file. This is a .ecp file that you received from Easy Crypto via email, after your order was completed. The default filename is “Easy Crypto [YOUR ORDER ID] – [DATE].ecp”. Make sure you have saved this file to your computer first!

unlock easy crypto wallet screenshot

When your file is successfully selected, you will be able to see the filename on the right:

Select file easy crypto wallet unlock screenshot

If you’re having trouble:

Step 3: Enter your pass phrase.

  • Your pass phrase is 7 words. It is all lowercase with a single space between each word.
  • Double check that you have entered the words correctly. Our most frequent helpdesk request is due to pass phrases being misspelled. All our pass phrase words are common English words. If you are unsure on spelling, please double check the words in your pass phrase using a dictionary.

Step 4: Click Unlock

insert passphrase wallet unlock easy crypto screenshot

If you still cannot open your file, please contact the Easy Crypto helpdesk.

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