Introducing your Easy Crypto Wallet


About your Easy Crypto Wallet

Your Easy Crypto Wallet is what’s called a “cold wallet”. This means that it is completely offline, and impervious to any attacks or hacking. It is encrypted with the latest AES 256-bit CBC encryption. For the safest storage, put it on a USB drive, and store it in a physically secure location.

Open your Easy Crypto Wallet

Open the “completed order” email from Easy Crypto, and save your Easy Crypto Wallet file to your computer or device. Then head to to open it up. Use the pass phrase that you wrote down when you ordered.

If you run into any trouble, have a read of our help article on Opening your Easy Crypto Wallet.

Verify your balance

To verify that your balance exists, you can use an online balance checker. Put ONLY your receive address into the balance checking websites, NOT your private key. You’ll find these addresses inside your Easy Crypto Wallet. We have a list of some reliable balance checkers in this article: How to verify your balance.

Please be aware that it may take several hours before the funds appear at your address – this depends on how fast the exchanges send it.

How do I send my coins to an exchange or another wallet?

If you wish to spend the coins in your Easy Crypto Wallet or transfer them elsewhere, you’ll need to use your private key for that. You’ll find the private key inside your Wallet.

Have a read of this help article for full details: How to move your cryptocurrency to a different wallet.

I have more questions!

Use the search function at the top of this page, or have a read through our Frequently Asked Questions. For most people, this will answer everything you want to know.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, there is a link at the bottom of the FAQ page to create a support ticket.

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