Importing your Easy Crypto Wallet balance into Exodus


Download Exodus from their website and follow their install instructions.

Once you’ve installed Exodus, follow these steps to transfer your balance from your Easy Crypto Wallet into your Exodus wallet.

I will be using Bitcoin in this example. You can do this process with any of the currencies that Exodus supports – just select that wallet instead of the Bitcoin one.

Step 1:

Copy the private key from inside your Easy Crypto Wallet.

If you need help opening your Easy Crypto Wallet, follow our guide here, or watch our video instructions here.

private key screenshot from Easy Crypto NZ website

Step 2:

Navigate to your Bitcoin wallet in Exodus, click the 3-dot menu and select Move Funds:

Exodus bitcoin wallet with arrows pointing to different features

Step 3:

Paste the private key from your Easy Crypto Wallet into Exodus, and click Import:

Insert private key exodus wallet screenshot

You’re done!

The transaction will need to be validated by the network so it may take up to half an hour for the funds to appear. 🙂

For more simplified information on wallets, click here.

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