How to Verify your Balance?


For most cryptocurrencies, it’s very easy to check the amount that is sitting in your wallet.

However, in order to keep your wallet secure, you must make sure that when you verify your currencies, you ONLY use the public address from your Portfolio. When viewing your Portfolio, the public address for each currency is the string of characters shown after “Your address” under that currency heading.

NEVER put your private key into an online form. Your private key is the code that lets people gain access to your money. NEVER put this into a website.

If you have just received your Easy Crypto Wallet, bear in mind that it can take several hours for your funds to appear.

Check Bitcoin balance.

Check Litecoin balance.

Check Ripple balance.

Check IOTA balance.

Check Dash balance.

For any currencies not listed here, please check the recommended wallets page. You may need to download a wallet to be able to view your balance.

If you want to move your balance to another wallet, follow these steps.

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