How to move your cryptocurrency to a different wallet


Your Easy Crypto Wallet is a “cold storage” wallet. This is an intentional decision because it is the most secure way that you can store a cryptocurrency. By its design, a cold storage wallet can’t be used to transfer funds – it does just one thing, which is securely store your currencies.

You cannot move your coins directly from an Easy Crypto Wallet. You need to first import your coins to a “hot wallet”, so that you are able to make a send transaction. You can read more about the difference between hot and cold wallets here.

For most coins, the easiest wallet to use is Exodus.

If your coin isn’t supported by Exodus, please see our recommended wallets page.

Sending from Exodus

Step 1: Install Exodus from their website.

Step 2: Follow our guide to Import your balance into Exodus.

Step 3: Click Send in Exodus, and put in the address and amount that you want to send.

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