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If you are wanting to learn how to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand, you have come to the right place.

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How to Buy Bitcoin in NZ

Easy Crypto is a New Zealand based Bitcoin broker where we make it easy to buy Bitcoin NZ, as well as several top altcoins.

We offer the best NZD to Bitcoin prices out of all the Bitcoin brokers in NZ, when you buy Bitcoin through us your order is automatically delivered to your Bitcoin wallet within minutes. Our platform is ultra-secure, and we offer free help and advice regarding safe Bitcoin storage and usage.

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Easy Crypto NZ is the best place to buy Bitcoin in NZ for several key reasons:

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Buy Bitcoin (BTC) in New Zealand through Easy Crypto in Minutes

 How to Buy Bitcoin in NZ through Easy Crypto New Zealand

When the Bitcoin price is rising, it can be tempting to rush to buy Bitcoins quickly. However, this is often how mistakes happen. Before using any Bitcoin exchange, it is, therefore, important for new individuals wanting to invest in Bitcoin to learn how to store their Bitcoins safely.

At Easy Crypto NZ, we can send Bitcoin to any Bitcoin wallet you already own. Alternatively, if you do not already have a Bitcoin wallet yet, we can create one for you. Simply make sure to select this option when placing your order when you are buying your first BTC.

If you don’t have a Bitcoin wallet yet, you can see our guide on how to set up a Bitcoin wallet in NZ here.

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Create a Free Account with Easy Crypto NZ to Buy Bitcoin Instantly

Easy Crypto NZ boasts the only automatic sign up and verification system out of any of the Bitcoin brokers in New Zealand, making it so signing up and verifying your account to Buy Bitcoin in New Zealand can be completed in less than 3 minutes. ⚡

You can sign up with us via email, or alternatively, you can create an account in a single click by logging in via Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Sign up to buy Bitcoin with us in minutes today.

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How to Complete your Verification through Easy Crypto

To satisfy New Zealand financial regulatory requirements, Easy Crypto NZ needs to verify the identity of all users. However, unlike on international exchanges like Coinbase, almost all users can verify their identity with us in under 2-minutes. All we will need is a scanned copy or photograph of a New Zealand issued driving license.

  • Average ID verification times on Coinbase – 24-hours – 7-days
  • Typical ID verification times on BitPrime – 24-hours
  • Average ID verification times on Easy Crypto – 2-minutes

You can learn more about our verification process here.

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How to Buy Bitcoin in New Zealand Through Easy Crypto

After verifying your Easy Crypto account, you can dive straight in and buy Bitcoin in NZ instantly. All you need to do is enter the New Zealand dollar amount of Bitcoin you would like to purchase and click ‘Buy Now’.

This video guide below will walk you through the process, but you should be able to easily create your order and have Bitcoin delivered to your wallet within 1 or 2 minutes. ⚡

And if you’re from Australia and want to buy Bitcoin locally – buy Bitcoin through our cousin Easy Crypto Australia instead!

Unlike other exchanges, we include all transaction fees in the Bitcoin price you will see on your screen.

  • Remember to wait for confirmation that your ID has been verified, before attempting your first purchase
  • If you are having Bitcoin sent to a wallet you already own, make sure to enter your Bitcoin wallet address in the order details area

Once you have decided how much Bitcoin you would like to buy, you can complete your purchase instantly via POLi instant pay or A2A pay. Payment can also be made by direct bank transfer. As soon as payments are confirmed, Bitcoin will be sent to your wallet in under 2-minutes.

To prove how fast you can buy Bitcoin in New Zealand, Easy Crypto went and set the speed record for it!

Easy Crypto is the easiest to use New Zealand based Bitcoin exchange and broker. As well as making it easy to buy Bitcoin we, therefore, also make it easy to exchange BTC for New Zealand dollars.

To Sell Bitcoin on Easy Crypto, verify your account by following the above steps. Once you do, you will be able to sell an unlimited amount of Bitcoin any day of the week, 365 days a year. Sign up now by clicking here.

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I learned How to Buy Bitcoin NZ and I own BTC! – Now what?

After learning how to buy bitcoin NZ, you may be wondering what to do with your new-found digital assets. Well, you have several options.

  • Hold on to your Bitcoin without selling for the next couple of years or more, to guarantee that you have your foot in the door for riding whatever the future of Bitcoin throws at us.
  • Kick off with day trading, where you buy Bitcoin on a day to day (or week to week) basis to sell when the price next shoots up. This can be risky because of the randomness and volatility of Bitcoin, but with great risk comes great reward.
  • Buy items or services online that you might not be able to pay for using traditional currency. (see our list of all the known places in NZ that accept Bitcoin)
  • Move some of your Bitcoin to a wallet on your phone so you can easily show your mates and family how it works – and even send them some in front of them!
  • Teach other people how to buy bitcoin in NZ.
  • Donate to charities that accept Bitcoin!
  • Safety backup your Bitcoin wallet so you can never lose access to your digital assets.

For more ideas on what you can do with your Bitcoin now that you have learnt how to buy Bitcoin in NZ, see a guide here.


How to Buy Bitcoin in New Zealand Cities?

It is possible to buy Bitcoin in NZ with cash, however, these transactions always come with risk. What if you pay someone NZD and they refuse to give you your Bitcoin, or they bring a crowbar and demand that you pay them everything you have?

This is why it is always safer to learn how to buy Bitcoin in NZ through a trusted source like Easy Crypto NZ. Check out our pages below to see how to buy Bitcoin in each major NZ city.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Auckland

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Wellington

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Christchurch

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Hamilton

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Tauranga

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Napier

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Hastings

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Dunedin

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Palmerston North

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Nelson

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Rotorua

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Whangarei

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in New Plymouth

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Invercargill

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