How do I go About Buying Bitcoin in NZ in 2020


How do I go about buying Bitcoin in NZ? — If you have recently found yourself feeling inclined to invest in Bitcoin NZ, you are not alone. 2020 is destined to be a historic year for Bitcoin. Some believe Bitcoin prices will skyrocket in 2020. If this is the case, right now might represent the last window of opportunity for everyday Kiwis to buy and own a significant amount of BTC.

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At Easy Crypto, buying Bitcoin in NZis easy. It is possible for any New Zealander with a valid passport or driving license to open an account in seconds. Even better, it is then possible to buy Bitcoin in under 2-minutes via direct bank transfer or Poli Pay.

Easy Crypto leads the NZ Bitcoin market in several ways.

  • Easy Crypto has the cheapest broker Bitcoin prices in New Zealand
  • We are the only crypto broker in NZ to have a 100% funds safety guarantee
  • Our Verification process is fully automated so you can be signed up and buying Bitcoin in less than 4 minutes.
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How to Buy Bitcoin in New Zealand through Easy Crypto NZ

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Step 1 – Create an Account with Easy Crypto

To get started with Easy Crypto, create a new exchange account by signing up via email or Google. Once this is done, complete your Easy Crypto profile and verify your identity. As soon as you have created your account and verified, there will be nothing stopping you to buy bitcoin NZ.

Create a free account with Easy Crypto here.

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Step 2 – Verify Your Identity

Thanks to our cutting edge automated verification system, At Easy Crypto, it is possible to verify new user accounts in seconds.

  • Provide your name and DOB
  • Upload a picture of your passport or drivers licence
  • Bam! All done! Our system will take care of the rest.

(With Coinbase in the U.S. it is common for ID verification to take several hours or days.)

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Step 3 – Buy Bitcoin NZ

As soon as your identity is confirmed, you can buy Bitcoin by entering an NZD amount of Bitcoin you would like to purchase. At this point, it is also necessary to enter a Bitcoin wallet address where you would like coins sent to after payment. However, if you do not have a BTC wallet, don’t worry.

You can create a Bitcoin wallet through us for free. If you don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet yet, you can click here to learn how to create one now.

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Step 4 – Finalize Payment

Once you have entered your wallet details or asked us to generate a wallet, it is time to finalize payment. To do this, it is possible to pay via direct bank transfer or Poli Pay. We recommend the latter option, as this way it is possible for us to confirm and process BTC orders in as little as 2-minutes.

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Step 5 – Take Delivery of Your Bitcoin and Store it Somewhere Safe

As soon as payment is confirmed by your bank or Poli Pay, newly purchased Bitcoin is sent to your BTC wallet address or email. In both cases, it is important to secure coins immediately after delivery.

It is not possible for Bitcoin to be replaced if it is ever lost or stolen. Make sure, therefore, to research basic digital currency security and protect coins accordingly.

You can click here to learn how to safely store your Bitcoin in NZ.

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Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Bitcoin in New Zealand?

Is Bitcoin destined to break new records in 2020? At present, it is not possible to say. (At least, not with any certainty.) What is certain is that Bitcoin is about to become much scarcer.

  • In May 2020, the number of new Bitcoin entering circulation is scheduled to be reduced from 1,800 per day to just 900.
  • It is widely believed that the price of Bitcoin will go up as a result of increased scarcity.
  • Many people believe that buying Bitcoin now is a sure-fire way to profit from future price increases.

At present, Easy Crypto NZ is, therefore, seeing a surge in demand for Bitcoin in New Zealand. Find out why we are considered NZ’s best local exchange by opening your account today.

Buy Bitcoin NZ by heading to our main website today! 🙂

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