How to Safely Backup your Cryptocurrency

If your computer broke down, your phone got dropped in the loo or your house burnt to the ground, would you still be able to access your cryptocurrency? If you are not confident that you can access your digital assets remotely, it is likely you do not have your cryptocurrency backed up properly. Having your crypto safely stored is one.

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How to keep your cryptocurrencies safe with KeePass

The safest way to store your crypto for the long term is in a “cold storage” wallet. This is a completely offline storage method that is unable to be hacked. This is different from a “hot” wallet, which is a software application that runs on your phone or computer and lets you send or transfer currencies around. You can read.

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How to tell if a Bitcoin website is a Scam

Like many other new and emerging industries, Bitcoin has been adopted by people keen on setting up scams and schemes to steal your money. To stay safe in this rapidly growing market, your best bet is to familiarise yourself with the most commonly observed Bitcoin scams to help protect yourself and your digital assets. Take our quiz here to learn.

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