MLM Pyramid scheme

Staying Crypto Savvy: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Companies – What you need to know

What is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)? Multi-level marketing companies (also called “MLM’s”) rely on a layered recruitment and commission structure to market the organisation.  While there are some legal MLMs out there, most of them in the crypto space are operating illegally as “Pyramid Schemes” (you may be familiar with the most famous of these; the Ponzi scheme). As the.

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Bitcoin (BTC) gold coins in a cart with colorful chart to illustrate dollar-cost averaging strategy

Dollar-Cost Averaging: Crypto Investing Made Simple

Want to invest in crypto assets but not too sure on how to go about it? Well, dollar-cost averaging may be a strategy to consider. Most passive investors find this strategy beneficial, some even went as far as to claim that “Even God couldn’t beat dollar cost averaging”. In this article, I’ll walk you through the key pros and cons.

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Illustration for protecting crypto assets, fighting scams, and stopping fraud

Fighting Scams and Fraud One Tip at A Time!

It’s been a rather despondent week for many kiwis as Auckland moves into Level 3 restrictions, while the rest of the country enters Level 2 restrictions. However, let’s not lose hope, as Dr. Ashley Bloomfield said: “The virus is the problem. People are the solution.” New Zealand has rid this virus before, and I’m hopeful we’ll do it again. We.

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Bitcoin is illustrated as physical coins with fiat (paper) money

Is Bitcoin REALLY money?

I confess that when I was deciding on my first Bitcoin investment, I too, was worried and anxious when confronted with the question “Is Bitcoin money?”. Earlier that day, my ‘loss-adverse’ husband asked if “Bitcoin’s value is as good as what someone else will pay for it?” His question really triggered a mixed emotion within me — on the one.

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The illustration of how people considering to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum

Understanding crypto assets — Should I invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Most people who are considering buying crypto assets would have heard the advice to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum. That is because Bitcoin and Ethereum are two cryptocurrencies with the largest market caps (i.e market values). It’s no surprise that investors are interested in cryptocurrencies, given that more people are seeing cryptocurrencies as “the future of our entire medium of.

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Bitcoin is illustrated as physical gold coin with New Zealand's flag on the background

Cryptocurrency: Tips and Tricks for Investment in Crypto

Everyone around me knows that I am a huge fan when it comes to reading about investment tips and tricks. To me, money is like a coupon for my time. I use my time and labour in exchange for these ‘coupons’, which in return allow me to trade for goods and services. These coupons, although legal tender, can fluctuate in.

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Bitcoin is illustrated in physical form as gold coin

Why Do People Buy Bitcoin: A Guide into Cryptocurrency

Planning yourself to buy Bitcoin is a great decision. Many people and Kiwis specifically have been trying Bitcoin as their new currency, investment, or part of their pension plan. And the cryptocurrency is thriving well in New Zealand and the world, so it would be valuable if you start to get to know about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the world’s best-known.

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Physical form of Bitcoin and two forks as illustration of forking cryptocurrency

What Does Forking Cryptocurrency Mean?

Sometimes cryptocurrency could be divided into two types, and that process is called forking. This happens usually when the code in the cryptocurrency is changed and can be considered difficult (the two new software that underlies each cryptocurrency are not compatible). The results of the forking cryptocurrency are two different versions of it. A common example of forking cryptocurrency is.

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A user learning about Monero on its website before choosing to buy Monero

Learn This Guide to Buy Monero in New Zealand

According to McAfee Antivirus creator John McAfee, Monero is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in this year. This is thanks to Monero being the cryptocurrency markets’ leading privacy coin. Here, we’ll, therefore, look at how to buy Monero and why doing so might be in your interest. Now that you finally know everything about Monero, how do you.

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How to Buy Bitcoin NZ flag BTC physical coin

How to Buy Bitcoin in New Zealand in 2020

If you are a Kiwi looking at how to buy Bitcoin in NZ this year, you are not alone. Now that the 2020 Bitcoin halving has taken place, thousands of new Kiwi investors are making plans to enter the crypto space. Are you searching online for how to buy Bitcoin in NZ 100% safely? If so, our team at Easy.

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