Physical Bitcoin shoved into a pocket to illustrate Cryptocurrency succession plan

How to Build Cryptocurrency Succession Plan? — New Zealand Bitcoin Guide

Developing a cryptocurrency succession plan is something that is often overlooked, but as we’ve all come to realise — things can change fast and it is good to be prepared.  Sometimes you may have to ask yourself a tough question, which is difficult to envision, but what if you were incapacitated and couldn’t access your cryptocurrency? Do you have a.

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Ethereum 2.0 preview image New Zealand logo NZ Buy ETH

What is Ethereum 2.0? – New Zealand’s Ethereum 2.0 Guide

Ethereum is changing. Later this year, roll out of Ethereum 2.0 will take Ethereum into what Vitalik Buterin calls ‘Beast Mode.’ Transactions will settle faster. Network scalability will improve. Ethereum will even start consuming less power. The only question is, what is Ethereum 2.0? What is Ethereum 2.0? Ethereum as we know it first hit the cryptocurrency market in 2015..

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Tax and cryptocurrency New Zealand guide NZ easy crypto

Cryptocurrency and Tax Guide for New Zealand

We’ve put together the latest updates on tax and cryptocurrencies to make things easy for you at tax time. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology were not conceived when our current tax legislation was written, and they don’t neatly fit any of the categories. The IRD has now published guidance to explain how New Zealand’s existing tax laws should be applied to bitcoin.

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Bitcoin BTC Halving 2020 New Zealand NZ coin being sliced in half

Bitcoin Halving in 2020 – What Do New Zealand Investors Need to Know?

Bitcoin Halving in 2020 is Almost Here – What do You Need to Know? In approximately 12 days on the 12th of May, the 2020 Bitcoin halving will execute – and the block reward for the Bitcoin miners will reduce 50% – from 12.5 to 6.25 Bitcoin per block reward. The Bitcoin Halving is a fundamental part of Bitcoin’s code, where approximately every.

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New Zealand flag with Bitcoin BTC physical coin in front of it NZD

Bitcoin NZ – The Ultimate New Zealand Bitcoin Overview

There’s a good chance you have searched ‘Bitcoin NZ‘ on Google and found yourself reading this article for one of three reasons: You want to understand what all the Bitcoin NZ hype is about. You want to see if there is an active Bitcoin NZ community or if it is legal to own and buy Bitcoin in NZ. You want to.

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Bitcoin SV Vs. Bitcoin – Understanding How BTC and BSV are Different

Bitcoin SV is one of the cryptocurrency markets newest digital currencies. However, it is also one of New Zealand’s most misunderstood. Most Kiwis don’t understand the difference between Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Here, we’ll explain what these are. We’ll also look at Bitcoin SV vs. Bitcoin controversy, and how this affects the wider cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin SV Vs..

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Is Bitcoin Legal In New Zealand? – NZ Bitcoin Legality and Taxes Explained

Is Bitcoin Legal in New Zealand? Is Bitcoin legal in New Zealand? — Yes. Bitcoin is legal in NZ, and it’s legal in most developed countries in 2020. If you have heard otherwise, you can rest assured that what you have heard is wrong. Investing, trading, and using Bitcoin for legal purchases is all perfectly above board. Is Bitcoin Legal in.

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is bitcoin a scam

Is Bitcoin a scam?

Short answer: no. It’s a cool and exciting new technology that has the potential to change the world. But, there are some people who will try and use new technologies to trick others out of their hard-earned money. So make sure you take some simple precautions to keep yourself safe when you’re buying or selling cryptocurrencies. How to keep safe.

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Bitcoin NZ Kiwi next to New Zealand flat with BTC coins floating with ferns

The Complete List of Businesses accepting Bitcoin in New Zealand

Easy Crypto was built to make buying and selling cryptocurrency as easy, safe and as fast as possible for the average New Zealander.  With cryptocurrency being more accessible in New Zealand than ever, we wanted to play our part in helping Kiwis know where they can use it. With over 44 known NZ businesses accepting Bitcoin, our list is organised.

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Bitcoin Ethereum XRP Ripple BTC ETH NZD What cryptocurrency should I buy

What Cryptocurrencies Should I Buy? NZ Crypto Guide

Since there are over 5,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, it can be hard to choose what ones you should buy. For this reason, we’ve created articles on the three cryptocurrencies that are the most popular to buy with Easy Crypto customers. We don’t think that just because they are popular that they are worth buying, but rather that they are three.

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