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Can I Buy Bitcoin Easily and Safely in NZ?

Contrary to popular belief, It’s actually incredibly easy to buy Bitcoin, even in New Zealand in 2020. ⚡

Before you buy Bitcoin (BTC) you’re going to first need a place to store it. For this, I would recommend taking a look at our Kiwi Bitcoin Wallet Guide – but you have plenty of great options that you’ll be able to set up for free in less than 5 minutes.

A Bitcoin wallet is the BTC equivalent of an NZ bank account for your NZD. Before you buy Bitcoin, it is always a good idea to set up a safe place to keep it.

The good news is that Bitcoin wallets are very easy to set up! 🙂

Evolution of money with bitcoin BTC NZ as the latest advancement

How to Buy Bitcoin in New Zealand

Your first step to buy Bitcoin is to sign up with a Bitcoin exchange or broker. Exchanges typically offer higher volumes than brokers, but they can be very hard and intimidating for someone who has little to no experience in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

For this reason, to buy bitcoin, we would recommend buying Bitcoin through a local NZ Bitcoin broker like Easy Crypto NZ.

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Easy Crypto – The Best Place to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in NZ

Looking for your best option to Buy Bitcoin? Well, look no further! You have just found New Zealand’s fastest, easiest and cheapest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange; Easy Crypto NZ!

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Easy Crypto NZ is your best way to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand for several key reasons:

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Our trading system is fully automated – so you can just sign up, verify your account and start trading over 80+ top cryptocurrencies in minutes.

Head to the Easy Crypto homepage to buy Bitcoin in NZ today.

Buying Bitcoin through Easy Crypto NZ is that fast that we even set the world record for the fastest Bitcoin buy ever!

So What is Bitcoin (BTC) Anyway?

Bitcoin (BTC) was and is the worlds first Cryptocurrency. And just like the NZD in your New Zealand bank account, Bitcoin can be stored, sent and received through the internet – and you can use it to buy and sell goods and services all around the world.

Since Bitcoin is stored, sent and received exclusively through the internet, it has no comprehension of international borders at all.

For this reason and more, Bitcoin takes the title as being the worlds first decentralised digital universal currency. Although that sounds a bit strange to say three times, Bitcoin achieving this title is actually an incredibly massive deal.

Coin map where to spend Bitcoin cryptocurrency in the world use btc NZ‘s heat map of the countries with the most businesses accepting Bitcoin as payment for goods and services.

While being similar in many ways to a currency like the USD or NZD, Bitcoin holds many of its own unique qualities, defining it as an entirely new class of money.

Bitcoin is different from government-issued currency like the NZD in three key ways:

  • Bitcoin is not stored in a bank account, but rather a ‘Bitcoin wallet‘ – cutting out the entire need for a bank account or government ID.
  • Bitcoin can be sent anywhere on Earth in seconds, essentially acting as a digital universal currency.
  • Unlike traditional government-issued money like the NZD, the total amount of Bitcoin in existence can not be manipulated or changed.

Today is the Strongest Day in Cryptocurrency History – Global Adoption & Utility.

Due to the highly unique characteristics of Bitcoin, BTC has seen a rapid increase in usage and adoption over the past 11 years.

With people around the world scrambling to buy BTC as a speculative investment or to use as money, governments and businesses have been rushing to establish their stances on this revolutionary new asset class.

In the time since Bitcoin was created during the Financial Crisis of 2007–08, millions of people around the world have magnetised towards it, resulting in immense fluctuations in Bitcoin demand, and therefore Bitcoin’s price.

Although Bitcoins price is immensely turbulent, this hasn’t stopped countless speculators and investors from buying Bitcoin and setting up their own BTC stash. Preparing for if the world really does end up using this interesting new currency as the digital gold standard of money.

For a brief rundown on the basics of Bitcoin, check out the video below.

Bitcoin is More than Money

Since it’s inception in 2008, Bitcoin has emerged as Earth’s first decentralised universal currency.

  • 1.7 billion people on Earth don’t have access to a bank account, and they can now use Bitcoin to store value and engage in online exchange.
  • It can take anywhere between 4 days to 2 weeks to send money internationally, but with Bitcoin, it can be transacted in seconds.
  • Bitcoin transactions can’t be reversed, meaning that no government or bank can stop you from using your hard-earned Bitcoin.

With less than 1% of the world owning Bitcoin, it feels safe to say that Bitcoin has a long future ahead of it. Bitcoin was the best performing global asset of the 2010s, increasing 3,424% in price from 2015 to the day this was last updated.


What should your Bitcoin investing strategy be?

Your strategy for Buying Bitcoin should be determined by what you want to get out of Bitcoin as a financial instrument or investment – but here are a few ideas that might spark your interest:

  • Like myself and most of Easy Crypto customers, we buy Bitcoin to sit on for the long run while more people adopt Bitcoin as a currency and store of value. Since Bitcoin has a set supply that cannot be changed, the more people invest in Bitcoin and as more money flushes in, the higher the Bitcoin price will go. If you would like to learn more about why the price is destined to increase as more people buy Bitcoin, you can see our simple explanation here.
  • You can buy Bitcoin and kick off with day trading. Bitcoin day trading is when you buy and sell Bitcoin on a day to day basis, based on market trends and events. For this, you will want to learn and develop technical analysis skills, which you can then use to make future projections based on current trends in the market. This strategy, however, carries enormous risk, as the BTC market can be extremely random and volatile.
  • You can simply go and buy things with your Bitcoin, and you can see all the places where you can spend your Bitcoin in NZ here.

How to Buy Bitcoin through Easy Crypto NZ

Your first step to buying Bitcoin in NZ with Easy Crypto is to create an account and get verified. This should take no longer than 2 minutes due to our automated self-service verification process. ⚡

For a walkthrough, you can see our guide here, but otherwise, head to the Easy Crypto homepage get started now.

If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask our team for assistance, as we are more than happy to get you kicked off in the exciting world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency!

And if you’re from across the ditch and live in Australia, feel free to buy Bitcoin through our cousin Easy Crypto Australia.

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I Used Easy Crypto NZ to Buy Bitcoin – Now what?

Sweet as, so you’ve learnt how to Buy Bitcoin in NZ, but what are your next steps? What now? ;o

Well, this is only a question you can answer, but we’re happy to detail a few of your options.

  • Buy Bitcoin so you can use it as money to buy goods or services from other Bitcoin users. For a full map of where you can spend your Bitcoin in New Zealand, click here to see The Great Kiwi Crypto Map.
  • Buy Bitcoin and kick off with Bitcoin day trading, where you Buy bitcoin when its price is low and sell Bitcoin when its price is higher!
  • Buy Bitcoin and hold it for the long term, to make sweet sweet gains as the rest of the world catches up!
  • Give some to your mates, or teach them how to Buy Bitcoin!
  • Invent a brand new thing that you can do with your Bitcoin – there are heaps of ideas that are yet to be materialised, even in 2020!
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How Many Other New Zealanders Buy Bitcoin?

According to the 2019 Global Digital Yearbook report, at the start of January 2019, a reported 4.1% of Kiwis own cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. This is just one report, however, and it is impossible to truly know how many New Zealand Bitcoin holders there are.

Check out the numbers on the other countries below:

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin ownership statistics New Zealand NZ

Is it Legal to Buy Bitcoin in New Zealand?

Many new entrants wonder if it is legal to buy Bitcoin, and the truth is, Bitcoin has never been illegal in New Zealand!

In fact, almost all governments of importance on Earth know that banning Bitcoin would be counterproductive. This is because banning Bitcoin would not only push it’s users to the fringe and glamourise its usage, but it would also hinder blockchain development – the cutting edge technology that underpins most cryptocurrencies in 2020.

New Zealand is currently near the front of the pack for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin regulation, but our approach is still far from perfect. This is because the NZ government body is still working through how they will legally define cryptocurrency, which will ultimately impact its usage. In the meanwhile, however, it is very easy to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand, and it will only get easier to do so going forward.

Below is a map of Bitcoin legality across Earth:

Bitcoin Legality Is BTC legal in New Zealand map

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