How to Buy Bitcoin in New Zealand? – NZ BTC Guide


Do you need a quick guide which walks you step by step through how to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand? If so, Easy Crypto can help. Getting started and buying Bitcoin is easier than you might think. When you open a free account at Easy Crypto, it is possible to purchase Bitcoin and 60+ other cryptocurrencies in under 2-minutes.

Here, we’ll explain how, while also looking at whether or not it is smart to invest in Bitcoin in 2020.

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How Do I Buy Bitcoin in New Zealand – The No.1 Quick Guide

Getting started with buying Bitcoin in NZ is easy. However, before looking to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand, it is important to understand a few key security essentials.

A lot of Kiwi’s who Google ‘how do I go about buying Bitcoins’ are completely new to the cryptocurrency market. This is fine. However, no one should by Bitcoin before first learning how to store digital currency safely.

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How to Buy Bitcoin in NZ – Step by Step Guide

To buy Bitcoin in New Zealand with Easy Crypto, sign up at Easy via email or an existing Google account. Next, fill in your name and a secure password to get started.

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After completing your profile, it is time to verify your identity. To do this, click on verify your account. When prompted, upload a copy of your NZ drivers license. You can also upload a copy of your NZ passport.

When using an NZ issue driving license or passport, most accounts can be verified by our automatic system in under 2-minutes. Once your verification is granted, there are no more barriers in your way and you are ready to buy bitcoin NZ on your own command. 🙂

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Buy Bitcoin NZ

The second your Easy Crypto account is verified, you can buy Bitcoin and have it arrive in your account in less than 2 minutes. ⚡

Start by selecting an NZD amount of Bitcoin you would like to purchase. When you do, make sure to confirm that you are buying Bitcoin (BTC). – (Not Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin SV.) Next, select your payment method.

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Easy Crypto Payment Methods

At Easy Crypto, it is possible to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand using Poli Pay or direct bank transfer. We recommend using Poli Pay, as this way most transactions can be confirmed in 2-minutes or less.

After selecting your payment method, enter your Bitcoin wallet address. Alternatively, let us know if you would like us to generate a wallet for you. If you select this option, Bitcoin you buy will be delivered via email in a paper wallet.

If you are new to Bitcoin and have no idea what any of this means, see our guide on what a Bitcoin wallet is and how to set one up in NZ.

Finally, confirm your transaction and finalize payment. As soon as you do, Easy Crypto will prepare your order and send a confirmation email. BTC coins may take a short while to appear in your wallet. However, most transactions can be confirmed in under 2-minutes.

Is it Smart to Invest in Bitcoin in 2020?

The past to years has been a wild ride for Bitcoin. The Bitcoin price has topped as high as $25,300 NZD, However, it has also corrected to as low as $5,200. It is, therefore, important to keep in mind that investing in any cryptocurrency is not without risk.

Today, most people who buy Bitcoin in New Zealand do so for one simple reason. For ten consecutive years, Bitcoin has increased exponentially in value in the long-term.

During this time, Bitcoin adoption has increased and cryptocurrency has started to benefit from mainstream acceptance. There are no guarantees. However, if Bitcoin does perform similarly to how it has over the past ten years in the future, buying BTC now will be considered a smart investment.

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