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Easy Crypto November 2019 Market Overview

November 2019 has been a hectic month in the world of crypto, seeing global superpowers reveal their stances on cryptocurrency and major corporations following suit. November 2019 Market Update The crypto market in November saw one of its worst months in 2019 so far. Following Bitcoin’s 12% price drop over the past two weeks, almost all altcoins have followed suit.

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Cloud Token Warning

We are aware that a number of of customers are wishing to invest in Cloud 2.0 or the Cloud Token Wallet. We believe this may be a scam. The platform is currently being investigated by a New Zealand government agency, the Financial Markets Authority.Areas of concern that we have are: Fake product – it appears that Cloud Wallet is not.

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Easy Crypto Logo with digital blockchain back ground

Easy Crypto NZ Review – New Zealand’s Leading Cryptocurrency Broker

Founded in December 2017 by Kiwi tech duo Alan & Janine Grainger, Easy Crypto was built to answer the rapidly growing demand of New Zealanders wanting to swiftly, easily and safely buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. Within days after launching, Easy Crypto had already gained a keen and passionate customer base through word of mouth, and had instantly.

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September and October Cryptocurrency Market News 2019

Over the past month, we have seen serious action across the regulatory, retail and corporate planes of the cryptocurrency world. Multiple high GDP countries have revealed their stances on cryptocurrency and taxation, and Facebook Libra has seen some decent development as well as multiple setbacks. The cryptocurrency market itself over September and October saw mostly sideways action – apart from.

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July Cryptocurrency News 2019

As shown in the snapshot of the market cap above, over the past months, the cryptocurrency market has experienced its second major price surge since 2017. You can also see in the bottom of the graph that the global Bitcoin 24hr trading volume has more than doubled since the last crypto mooning. It’s unsure whether we are in price correction.

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Ripple coin infront of red and green candles in NZ

XRP News – Easy Crypto’s July XRP Latest News Roundup

XRP News – Latest XRP News From NZ and Beyond Is the XRP price about to retest highs achieved in 2017? — Possibly. Recent XRP news is looking overwhelmingly positive for Ripple bag holders. Here, we’ll recap all the most recent developments in the world of Ripple, NZ XRP investors need to know about in July 2019. XRP News –.

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Libra wallet sending money over messenger

Facebook Coin – The Easy Crypto Guide to Facebook’s Libra

Facebook Coin | The Easy Crypto Guide to the New Libra Cryptocurrency Facebook Coin is here. — Or at least, it soon will be. Over the past two weeks, Facebook’s new Libra cryptocurrency has dominated cryptocurrency news feeds. Some say Libra will be good for existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Others say that Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency is cause for concern, and.

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Crypto NZ market price on April 2019

April 2019 Market Update

As you likely know (and if not check your wallet!) April has been the most hectic month so far this year when it comes to market movements. On the 3rd of April, $22.4 billion NZD was pumped into the market within the timespan of an hour. Bitcoin’s price surged from $6.2k to $7.2k within that hour, only to follow through.

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Global market cap

March 2019 Market Update

Market Analysis Since the beginning of March, we have seen a steady upwards incline of total market cap on average, not only indicating stability but also consistent market growth. In recent months, the total daily trade volume of all cryptos has continued to climb upwards too, now placing the daily volume back up near to the volumes that were traded.

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February crypto statistics from coinmarketcap

February 2019 Market Update

There have been some monumental updates within the crypto-verse in February, including significant movements from big corporates like Samsung and JP Morgan Bank. On the 20th of Feb, Samsung confirmed that their upcoming S10 smartphone will feature a inbuilt crypto wallet, which will also include a vault to store and safeguard crypto wallet keys. This is a big move towards.

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