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Getting Started with Cryptocurrency: Q&A with Easy Crypto Team

Dear Easy Crypto Investors,  We’ve been writing blog entries to build knowledge and confidence in your navigation through the cryptocurrency markets. At Easy Crypto (EC), we aspire to make all things crypto easy for you. Because we want to make a real difference in how people manage their wealth through cryptocurrencies, we’ve been diligently growing our talent pool. With all.

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Can You Live 100% Off Cryptocurrency in NZ?

Here at EC, we believe it’s only a matter of time until cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin become a standard financial instrument for the average kiwi in the world of tomorrow.  Every day, there are tens of thousands of blockchain and cryptocurrency developers actively working to make it easier for cryptocurrency to be used as everyday money.  In the spirit of Easy.

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Easy Crypto New Zealand's Cryptocurrency swapper exchanger feature

You Can Now Exchange Between Cryptocurrencies!

Easy Crypto is stoked to announce that you can now effortlessly exchange between cryptocurrencies with our new crypto-to-crypto exchange feature!! 💥 And even better news, we don’t charge any fees on this! 🥰 With our new crypto-to-crypto exchange feature, you can now directly exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin into other cryptos like Ethereum – sent directly to your wallet of choice.  Instead.

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Easy Crypto Awards NZ 2019

The Easy Crypto Annual Awards!

Over the past year the team here at Easy Crypto NZ have been closely watching and listening to your ideas, feedback and support. And we can assure you that your contributions to our service and community do not go unnoticed. 🙂 On that note, we’d like to tip our hats to a handful of individuals who have stood out over.

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Easy Crypto has Officially Launched in South Africa!

Headed up by the mighty Lloyd Brown, our crypto expert with a background in international trade and finance, Easy Crypto SA aims to become South Africa’s easiest, cheapest and fastest way to buy and sell digital assets like Bitcoin. With a population of 56.7 million people (with 11 million unbanked), ECSA is laser-focused on providing South Africans with the ability to easily buy.

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easy crypto automatic payment

You can now Set Up Automatic Purchases through Easy Crypto!

That’s right! You read that correctly! You can now set up an unlimited amount of custom automatic purchases through Easy Crypto – just at the click of a few buttons! Having been in the works for the past 3 months, the Easy Crypto Auto-Buy feature supports all 60+ coins we list, and you can now dollar cost average like a pro at the.

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Easy Crypto NZ Safety Guarantee

Easy Crypto’s 100% Funds Safety Guarantee

You want to trade through a crypto broker with great rates and ease, who also has your financial safety at heart. We realise this, and for that reason.. Easy Crypto is proud to announce that we are New Zealand’s first crypto broker to offer a 100% funds safety guarantee. From the second we receive your funds right through until we send out.

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Easy Crypto Australia logo with green cork hat

Easy Crypto has expanded to Australia!

That’s right, you read that correctly! Easy Crypto is proud to announce that we have launched our highly anticipated Easy Crypto Australia project! All systems are live and fully operational, and the Australians can expect the same competitive rates, the same instantaneous speeds, the same beginner or expert friendly ease and the same 100% safety guarantee on all orders! Heading up.

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A totally free Christmas gift from Easy Crypto :)

We’ve got your Christmas sorted! With Christmas being less than a month away,  you might be starting to worry about how you’re going to fund all those gifts. Well don’t worry about dipping into your assets or growing a money tree any longer, Easy Crypto has you sorted with the Cheapskate Christmas Giveaway! Forget about sending your 30 cousins 30.

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Holy man holding up a bitcoin slate

You can now sell on Easy Crypto!

You wanted it, and we added it: Easy Crypto is proud to announce that our Sell feature is officially live! This now makes Easy Crypto the easiest way to sell crypto in New Zealand. Through this new feature, you will now be able to directly convert your crypto to NZD, and expect payment from us within 24 hrs. Our rates are the lowest in.

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