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Inland Revenue info request to NZ crypto companies – Sept 2020

UPDATE February 2021: We have been unable to find legal basis on which to refuse, or reduce, the request from the IRD. We have updated our customers on this. Click here to check if you are affected. Note that, while Easy Crypto is upfront about these requests, most crypto companies aren’t. Don’t think that using offshore services will mean the.

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Getting Started with Cryptocurrency: Q&A with Easy Crypto Team

Dear Easy Crypto Investors,  We’ve been writing blog entries to build knowledge and confidence in your navigation through the cryptocurrency markets. At Easy Crypto (EC), we aspire to make all things crypto easy for you. Because we want to make a real difference in how people manage their wealth through cryptocurrencies, we’ve been diligently growing our talent pool. With all.

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Quantitative Easing & Why Buying Bitcoin Is Important for Kiwis

Quantitative Easing seems to be floating around the news lately. Friends and family members have been asking me “What is quantitative easing?”. And It seems like Quantitative Easing is money printing but at the same time, not quite exactly. Tony Alexander, the ex BNZ economic chief, in his weekly newsletter, explains that Quantitative Easing is performed when our government runs.

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Can You Live 100% Off Cryptocurrency in NZ?

Here at EC, we believe it’s only a matter of time until cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin become a standard financial instrument for the average kiwi in the world of tomorrow.  Every day, there are tens of thousands of blockchain and cryptocurrency developers actively working to make it easier for cryptocurrency to be used as everyday money.  In the spirit of Easy.

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Taxoshi – New Zealand’s Tax Calculator

Cryptocurrency Tax in New Zealand In New Zealand, just like any other activity that you do to make a profit (such as running a business, trading stocks, or setting up a lemonade stand) you need to pay income tax on the profits you make – including the gains on your cryptocurrency assets. 💪 Working out those profits might not be.

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Three crypto cards that available in New Zealand (NZ) in hand. They are Wirex, Tenx, and MCO Visa card

Crypto Debit Card NZ: What Are Your Best Options?

Now that we could have a crypto debit card to pay for everyday goods and services with cryptocurrency, we can move aside Airpoints and Flybuys. And you can even get rewarded with ‘crypto-back’ for doing so! Yes, that’s earning cryptocurrencies as you spend. Not long ago, people were still wondering how to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in real.

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